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At Detect Metals we pride ourselves in providing supply chain solutions to our partners. We add value by managing the flow path from mill minimums of all metal forms to finished parts. This process reduces multiple levels of vendors, errors, scrap and unnecessary cost. Let us do what we have been doing for well over 5 years so you can focus on what you do best!


Aluminum and other products required for the transportation industry, aluminum can be processed into various profiles, mainly used in ships, high-speed rail, track a variety of aluminum transport areas. Application and Demand of Aluminum Market for Transportation Application advantage

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Construction area

Campat building aluminum widely used, because of aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, adequate strength, excellent process performance and welding performance, widely used in building structures, doors and windows, ceiling, decorative surface and other fields.

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Automotive aluminum

Campat alumlnum automobile aluminum provides the sheet metal foil products needed for automobile industry to produce aluminum. It is used in chassis, tank body, passenger car body, body structure and radiator.Automotive aluminum market applications and needs

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Aluminum for packaging

Aluminum packaging materials are mainly aluminum, aluminum alloy and aluminum foil, mainly used for food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other fields.

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